Colored Cubes Exhibition: Architectural Engineering Students Reflect on their First Semester

5 months ago

The Department Civil and Architectural Engineering, School of Science and Engineering spent an extensive week on preparations for delivering their assignments within an architectural exhibition.

The exhibition is what the class of Architecture Engineering and Sustainability submitted as their final design for the Module of Architecture Design principles. It includes compositions made of colored cubes, every student in the class had different message and different understanding for the given requirements. Students expressed their impression regarding their experience as follows:

As a first year student, Saya Mamand feels satisfied with her learning career. “It was indeed an interesting semester filled with exciting lessons to learn. It definitely taught me a lot for my first year in architecture” she said.

On how architects do their designs, Banaz Kadhim stated how deep she went into the lessons she has learnt over the course of the first semester. There is a reason behind every work done, she thinks. “I realized that there is much more to architecture and design than what I thought. All the designs out there have evidences and reasoning, architects do not just freely design whatever they want”.

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