University of Kurdistan Host Seminar for Legendary Author and Sociologist İsmail Beşikçi

8 months ago

On Wednesday 4th December 2019, the University of Kurdistan hosted a seminar for prominent author and sociologist İsmail Beşikçi on the challenges and opportunities facing Rojava.  

Beşikçi is a well-known author who has served several years in prison for his publications, defending the rights of the Kurdish people throughout the last few decades. He has authored 45 books and dozens of researches, mostly concerning the Kurdish cause in Turkey and the Middle East.

Before the seminar started, the Chair of the Governing Board of the University of Kurdistan, Professor Dr. Sherzad al-Najjar warmly welcomed Beşikçi and voiced his happiness for having him in the university, and lauded him for being a true friend of the people of Kurdistan.  

Afterwards, the İsmail Beşikçi Foundation’s speech was read by Rondik Barzani, Vice President of the Foundation in Erbil. She highlighted how Beşikçi was the only voice defending the rights of the Kurdish people in Turkey while the existence of the Kurds was denied.

Academics, officials, public figures, journalists and students gathered in the auditorium of the University to listen to Beşikçi’s observations on the latest developments in Rojava, North East Syria.

In his seminar, Beşikçi discussed the Kurdish cause in the Middle East and its roots, referring to the historic aspects of the Kurdish struggle and the gains achieved thus far. He also highlighted the importance of Kurdish unity to face the multilateral threats surrounding Kurdistan.

The seminar was followed by a session of questions and answers, before the Chair of the Governing Board awarded Beşikçi with the Shield of the University of Kurdistan to appreciate his contributions to the Kurdish cause.

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