Ari Mamshae Speaks on Kurdish-Gulf Relations at Cambridge

2 years ago

Ari Mamshae presented a paper on the Gulf countries relations with the Kurds in both Iraq and Syria at the Gulf Research Council Meeting held at the University of Cambridge.

Mr Mamshae, who is also a teaching assistant at the Department of Politics and International Relations, presented a paper titled “The UAE and Qatar Positions on the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds.” In this paper, he argued that both countries positions towards the Kurds is based on a larger regional divide that involves sectarian and political strategies. “Qatar’s policy is aligned with the Turkish policy vis-à-vis the Kurds in both Iraq and Syria, while the UAE supports the Kurds in these countries as a reaction to the Turkish and Iranian exertion of influence,” he argued.

The Gulf Research Council Meeting is an annual academic conference at the University of Cambridge that brings together scholars from around the world to discuss issues pertaining to the Gulf countries.

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