“My Kurdistan Heritage Photography Contest” Awards Winners

9 months ago

In collaboration with the U.S. Consulate General in Erbil, the University of Kurdistan Hewler awarded the top winners of the “My Kurdistan Heritage Photogaphy Contest” on Wednesday in the Library’s American Corner.

The photography contest focused on heritage and culture in Kurdistan, to which nearly thirty people submitted their photos. The top ten photos were chosen a panel of four people, who were Dr Zozhen Kamal, Ms Seivan Behdinan, Mr Levi Clancy and Mr Ari Mamshae.

The top three winners were Sherko Mohammed (1st place), Tola Faraj (2nd place) and Harem Ali Sewaisi (3rd place). Each were given awards by both the US Consulate General and the University of Kurdistan Hewler.

The shortlisted photos are on display the American Corner Erbil of the Library until July 7th 2019.

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