A Seminar on Multilingualism and its Implications

1 year ago

Dr Sahar Zarza from the Department of English Language presented a seminar on multilingualism and its implications on family Language policy, identity and education.

On Thursday, Dr Zarza presented to the UKH staff a seminar to highlight the implications of multilingualism, that is one of the most crucial social phenomena of the current age and consequently attracts the considerable interest in research.

“Due to the global nature of employment and the increasing demand for bilingual skills, many parents wish to provide opportunities for their children and raise them as proficient, dynamic bilinguals,” she said. “However, there is much controversy in the literature and the wider social sphere regarding both positive and negative aspects of raising children in bilingual households.”

Dr. Sahar Zarza joined the University of Kurdistan Hewler in January 2017. She is a PhD holder in English Language from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Her MA specialization is also in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She is a former recipient of MIS (Malaysia International Scholarship) sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. Her areas of teaching interest comprise principles and methodology of foreign/English language teaching, linguistics, applied linguistics, discourse analysis, research methodology, and English for academic purposes (EAP). Her research interests focus mostly on applied linguistics, discourse analysis, genre analysis, written discourse, and English for specific purposes (ESP). 

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