UKH Opens Architectural Engineering and Sustainability Programme

11 months ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler launches the programme of BSc in Architectural Engineering and Sustainability.

The bachelor’s degree will admit its first group of students in the new academic year of 2019-20.

“This programme will offer an excellent and unique curriculum to its students that will be connected to European universities from its start,” said Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar.

This programme wants to educate the future architects to design buildings that are environmental friendly and enable them to meet the expectations of 21st century for sustainable human settlements in every cultural heritage.

Dr Mochtar said that this programme is personally supported by His Excellency Chancellor Nechirvan Barzani who is pushing towards a greener Kurdistan, adding that the engineering programme will have a large touch of arts on it.

Architectural Engineering and Sustainability “comes in harmony with the status of UKH as an international academic nexus to highlight a perspective that is more appreciative of the role of Kurdish tradition and culture in sustainable architecture,” said Dr Soorkeu Atrooshi, acting Dean of School of Science and Engineering.

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