A Seminar on Nahrein Network Opportunities

1 year ago

UKH Centre on Culture, History and Humanities for Sustainable Development organized a seminar moderated by the Director of the Centre, Dr. Anwar Anaid, for Dr. Rozhen Kamal and Dr. Olga Babenko to present their Nahrein Network funded projects.

Dr. Kamal, head of the Cultural Heritage Network at Sulaimani Polytechnic University, introduced the newly established Network that brings together local cultural heritage stakeholders and experts from different sectors (including academia and NGOs), government, and the local communities in structured and semi-structured focus groups and workshops to identify and analyze cultural heritage challenges and opportunities. She also explained one of her projects on Digital Storytelling at museums to be adopted at the Sulaimani Museum where visitors can experience dramatic and emotionally engaging stories, follow characters, look for clues and explore environments all through digital means in the Museum.    


Dr. Olga Babenko, lecturer at the English Language Department, presented her current research project that aims to develop a new Postgraduate Teaching Programme that will enhance local teaching expertise at a tertiary level in the Kurdistan Region, promote understanding and better collaboration between countries and cultures in the field of higher education, and induce internationalization of local teaching staff. The programme will also better adapt international teaching staff to the local environment and culture; —at the minor level— the project will honor and bring up attention to the Kurdish history, art and culture.

The seminar was concluded by a Q&A and networking session. 

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