Professor Parosh Abdulah Explains Program Verification Programs

6 months ago

On Thursday, Professor Parosh Abdulah presented a seminar surrounding the complexity of software systems and the analysis of correctness of computer systems through program verification.


Professor Abdulah is a professor of computer science at the Uppsala University, Sweden. He is a recipient of the CAV award for his contributions in the area of verification of programs with infinite state spaces, and a recipient of the  IEEE Logic in Computer Science (LICS) test-of-time award for his paper in 1996 on the verification of well quasi-ordered programs. He has received more than ten best paper awards including ones from the European Association for software science and technology at ETAPS 2013, the European association for theoretical computer science at ETAPS 2010 and ICALP 2001, and the European Association for programming languages and systems at ETAPS 2000.


In that seminar to the faculty of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Professor Abdulah explained the main concepts behind program verification and the new challenges facing the program verification community due to the emergence of new system paradigms such multicores and cloud technology. 

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