International Women’s Day Celebrated at UKH

1 year ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler celebrated the International Women’s Day on Thursday through a series of activities.

In collaboration with the International Organization for Migration, UKH hosted a tradeshow for a number of emerging female and male entrepreneurs from the Kurdistan Region, a panel of several female speakers, a large art exhibition and music performance.

The tradeshow included products made my displaced and migrant females residing in the camps in the Kurdistan Region.

The panel focused on the challenges that female entrepreneurs and businesses face in the Kurdistan Region and what it takes for them to lead in a male-dominated society where entrepreneurship in general is still developing. It also included accounts from female speakers on the working and regulatory environment in place in the Kurdistan Region. The speakers were: Chnar Barwari from the Constellis Security Company; Dr Sarah AK Ahmed, humanitarian worker; Tava Rasheed, First Boutique; Tafan Hamakhan, Decorum Company; Daria Jalal, Dali Design; AC Robinson, Journalist; and UKH alumni Huda Abdulrahman, the founding manager of Lala Candles.

Students and musicians from the UKH Music Club participated with pieces of music and poetry.

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