Ministry of Higher Education Applauds UKH for International Accreditation

1 year ago

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research commended the recent University of Kurdistan Hewler achievement of ASIC international accreditation.

“We applaud UKH for receiving the ASIC accreditation,” said Minister Yusif Goran in a meeting at the Ministry that was attended by the Ministry’s director generals, advisors and leading representatives of the public and private universities. “This accreditation falls in line with the Ministry’s strategy and policy for all universities to achieve institutional and programme accreditations.”

The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC), which is an independent international educational standards assessment agency based in the United Kingdom, awarded UKH the premier institutional accreditation certificate in December 2018, making the University the only recipient throughout Iraq.

On behalf of UKH, Dr Mohammed Mochtar thanked the Minister for the appreciation event and said that UKH has made huge efforts since its foundation to go alongside the global academic and scientific developments. He then highlighted a few key characteristics of UKH that has enabled it to achieve the ASIC accreditation, including the decentralization and independence of UKH as a public academic institution, independent and professional staff recruitment services, and competitive student recruitment strategy.

Dr Mochtar also reiterated the UKH’s support for other universities in raising the standards and achieving accreditations. 

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