UKH, BTU Promote Academic Ties

1 year ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler and the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) reach several understandings on areas of possible academic collaborations.

A large and senior UKH delegation paid a visit to Germany earlier December for a period of one week.

Led by Dr Declan Bannon, Dean of Kurdistan Business School, the delegation comprised of Director of International Relations Ms Mamilan Rowf, of Natural Resources Engineering and Management Dr Baroz Aziz Chair, Chair of Department of Computer Science and Engineering Dr Nawzad Salihi, Chair of Department of Politics and International Relations Dr Andres De Castro Garcia, and Dr Rayan Naoom from the Economics and Finance Department.

The delegation reached the understanding with their BTU counterparts on the following:

Supporting DAAD project application for training and symposia, six months DAAD-funded PhD exchanges, co-supervision of PhD students with potential Joint PhD programme, a symposium in Kurdistan on climate change and sustainable businesses, training programme on Lean Six Sigma and EIA, possible students and staff exchanges, development of P/G Certified Courses, and potential GIZ project with Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt, Dept. Environmental Planning at BTU regarding Natural Resource Management Transition.

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