A New Book on Iraqi Kurdistan's Political Economy

1 year ago

The world-renowned publishing house Palgrave Macmillan has published a book with major contribution from UKH scholars. It researches the issue of the political economy of the independent-aspiring Kurdistan Region.

Titled “Iraqi Kurdistan’s Statehood Aspiration: A Political Economy Approach,” the book has been edited by Dr Anwar Anaid, Dean of School of Social Sciences, and Dr Emel Elif Tugdar, former chair of the Department of Politics and International Relations at UKH.

The edited volume is the first scholarly book on Kurdish political economy, written primarily by Kurdish scholars. It includes chapters’ contributions by current UKH staff Dr Anwar Anaid, Dr Nabaz Khayyat and Ari Mamshae, as well as Dr Jay Joseph, Dr Fehrettin Sumer, Dr Gulistan Gurbey and Dr Caner Yildirim. 

Palgrave Macmillan describes the book as an edited volume that addresses the issues of Iraqi Kurdistan’s political economy with historically grounded, theoretically informed, and conceptually relevant scholarship that prioritizes comparative politics over international relations.

The book is available on both Palgrave and Amazon.

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