Five UKH Professors Receive Researchers of the Year Award

3 years ago

Five UKH professors have received the Researchers of the Year Award for the year 2018 from the Kurdistan Region's Higher Education and Scientific Research in an event held at Divan Hotel, Erbil.

Minister of Higher Education Yousif Goran on Tuesday presented awards to the top 22 researchers in the Kurdistan Region whose work have been recognized on an international level, including the UKH's five professors.

Vice-Chancellor Mohammed Mochtar attended the event, congratulating the achievements made by the university in the field of research.

The UKH is the top public university in research, according to the ranking of the Ministry of Higher Education in 2018.

“This proves once again that UKH is an outstanding academic institution in the Kurdistan Region," Dr Mochtar said.

“We are dedicated on staying at the top of the [universities] in the Kurdistan Region with further successes coming in the nearby future,” he added in a congratulatory message.

A UKH graduate, now a staff of the University of Raparin, also received an award for research in the event. He received his bachelorette in Business and Management from the UKH in 2010.

The UKH recipients for the 2018 awards are:

Dr Zana Ibrahim, Chair of the English Language Department

Dr Kym Fraser, Chair of the Business and Management Department

Dr Omeid Rahmani, Natural Resources Engineering and Management Department

Dr Adam Mayer, Politics and International Relations Department

Dr Jay Joseph, Business and Management Department

Dr Sherwan Kafoor and Dr Jamal Ameen received awards on behalf of Dr Joseph and Dr Mayer.

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