Four UKH Students Present Case Study On Crude Oil to Chemicals in UAE

2 years ago

Four students from the UKH’s Department of Petroleum Engineering gave a presentation on crude oil-to-chemicals (COTC) strategy and its implementation in Iraq.

The students took part in a conference held by the Society for Petroleum Engineers Program in the United Arab Emirates.

The program, which included UKH along with sixteen other universities, was held at Khalifa University in the UAE in November 2018.

The four undergraduate students: Hema Karwan, Lawen Hawezhi, Azhi Qaradakhi, and Yad Mochtar prepared a case study on possible COTC strategy in Iraq under the supervision of Professor Dr Maha Raouf Hamoodi.

The case study concludes that if the Iraqi government utilizes the COTC strategy suggested by the four students, it will lead to a 15% budget increase.

The case study was received with attention by the judging panels.

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