ASIC Inspects UKH for International Accreditation

2 years ago

A team from the UK-based Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC UK) has visited the Kurdistan Region on a two-day mission to inspect the University of Kurdistan Hewler’s quality of education.

The team met with UKH Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar and the senior academic and administration management on Wednesday and Thursday. They also toured the four UKH schools and departments and met with students.

ASIC uses a holistic approach for processing accreditation and inspects over ninety different criteria in eight different areas of operation. It works in 62 countries worldwide.

“In order to ensure the quality of faculty members, UKH uses several venues to recruit staff,” said Vice-Chancellor Dr Mochtar in a meeting with ASIC’s CEO Lee Hamnond, and Chief Inspector and Qualifications Advisor Dr Lawrence Watson.

“UKH is established to produce high-performing students and for that purpose enrolls only the best students. This year we have only admitted one in five applicants.,” Dr Mochtar said.

He also added that the UKH is the only university in the Kurdistan Region to use external examiners

Dr Sherwan Kafoor, Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, is optimistic that UKH will fulfill the organization's criteria.

“Once this accreditation is obtained, the UKH academic status will elevate even more,” Dr Kafoor said.

“The organization will also give us feedbacks to improve certain areas, which will be beneficial for us to have this inward development.”

The visiting team concluded their visit on Thursday as they met with Dr Mochtar and the UKH senior academic staff.

During the final meeting, they provided a brief feedback about the inspection, and that they have to report their findings to ASIC upon their return to the United Kingdom where the organization is based.

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