SMS Student Following US Medical Programme: I was ready for it

2 years ago

The UKH student who finished his medical training in the United States where the health system is advanced says that he felt happy that the education he received here prepared him to become a shadow physician in Tampa, US state of Florida.

Ali Zuhair Taher, a student at the School of Medical Sciences, attended a rotation programme in several clinics and hospitals in Tampa in late July to mid-August.

“While I was shadowing physicians there gladly I can say that my knowledge was good,” Mr Taher said. “All of the physicians were happy with my knowledge.’

The programme organized by AMOpportunities arranged the training so that Taher can shadow different physicians as they practiced internal medicine. The outcome is that he learned some new ways on how to receive patients, and make precise diagnosis.

It was the cultural diversity in the US that helped Taher to cope with living in an entirely foreign land, he said. He added that the experience for him was “wonderful.”

The feedback from the physicians he shadowed was positive and encouraging, he said.

“They also mentioned they would be happy to see me as a practicing physician in their country,” Mr Taher, now in his fifth year of studies, said while proud of the UKH quality education.

He also thanked the UKH Vice Chancellor Mohammed Mochtar for his unconditional support during the application process.

AMOpportunities, a US-based organization, offers more than 7,000 clinical rotation programme in the United States each year. Medical students and recent graduates are eligible to apply.

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