UKH and University of Zakho Develop Academic Relations Through Signed MoU

1 year ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH) and the University of Zakho (UoZ) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish collaboration in areas of research, instruction and academic exchanges.

In a ceremony held at UKH on Sunday, the memorandum was signed by President of the UoZ Dr Lezgin A. Jamil and UKH Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar. The event was attended by senior academic and administrative personnel of both parties.

The MoU establishes collaboration opportunities and exchange of expertise in common areas of interests, including students and faculty exchanges, joint research and teaching activities.

This MoU is important to pass on mutual expertise and build strong academic and institutional relations in the higher education of Kurdistan Region, said Vice-Chancellor Dr Mochtar. ?We are confident that UKH can benefit from certain areas at UoZ, while we recognize our responsibility to pass-on UKH expertise to other universities in the Kurdistan Region.?

In his remarks after signing the MoU, Dr Jamil said: ?We are delighted to sign this agreement with UKH whose managerial system, student performance, and academic research are well noticeable in Kurdistan Region. We are confident that the implementation of this MoU will contribute to achieving our university?s targeted goals in the foreseeable future.?

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