Career Fair Brought Over Hundred Job Opportunities to UKH

2 years ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewl?r?s 2018 Career Fair was successfully held on Wednesday at the UKH campus.

The Career Fair, aiming at bringing together employers and job-seekers, was exclusive for the students and alumni of the University. Twenty-six companies and organizations from the different sectors participated in the Fair who had brought 114 job vacancies. The event was held in partnership with Rwanga Foundation and through the generous sponsorships of Zain and ETTC.

"This is an excellent opportunity for students like us who are seeking immediate employment or alternative jobs," said Gulan Ahmad, UG4, a soon-to-be-graduate of Petroleum Engineering Department. ?Over the last few years the job market in Kurdistan Region has become very competitive, but UKH made it easier for its students by bringing the job opportunities into the campus.?

Over 90% of UKH graduates are employed which makes it the top university in terms of employability rate throughout the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

"The quality of our graduates and students are well-known and highly-demanded in the market," said Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar. "We are proud to have the highest employability rate and we remain committed to be a key contributor to the development of the Kurdistan Region by educating the finest human resources for the market."

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