School of Social Sciences Signs an Agreement with the UNED University in Madrid, Spain

2 years ago


The University of Kurdistan Hewl?r?s (UKH) School of Social Sciences reached an agreement with the Universidad Nacional de Educaci?n a Distancia (UNED) in Madrid, Spain, to develop academic cooperation, collaboration and cultural exchanges. 

Dr. Anwar Anaid, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, accompanied by Dr. Andres De Castro Garcia, Chair of Department of Politics and International Relations, undertook an academic trip in early June 2018 to Spain where they were invited by the Director of Instituto Universitario General Guti?rrez Mellado (IUGM) Professor Miguel Requena and the deputy director General Juan Antonio Moliner. As a result, both Dean Anwar and Director Miguel signed an agreement for academic cooperation between the IUGM of UNED and the School of Social Sciences at UKH.

IUGM-UNED and the School of Social Sciences of UKH are currently developing specific agreements to allow mutual collaboration which will have a major impact for UKH students and Faculty.

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