UK MP Robert Halfon Meets UKH Vice-Chancellor and Students

2 years ago

United Kingdom Member of Parliament, Robert Halfon, visited UKH as part of a regular visit to the Kurdistan Region.

In a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Mohammed Mochtar, Mr Halfon expressed the UK?s willingness to develop educational links with UKH, as an independent educational institute.

Mr. Halfon praised the educational standards of UKH which have led to a very high employment rate of UKH graduates. He also had a brief discussion with several undergraduate students on issues pertaining to education, gender equality and UK-Kurdistan relations.

Mr. Halfon is a member of the All Parliamentary Group on Kurdistan, and currently the Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee. He was the Minister of State for Higher Education, Skills, Apprenticeships and Careers in the Department of Education between 2016 and 2017.


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