A Seminar on Everything's Characteristic Equation

2 years ago

Dr. Ibrahim Ismael Hamad from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, presented a seminar to UKH academics on characteristics equation. 

"Every phenomenon in the universe has two domains: a real physical and an abstract mathematical. Building mathematical model for these phenomenon helps to find unexpected behaviors of systems, persons and communities," Dr. Ibrahim said.

The seminar highlighted the history and contemporary achievements of the problem, starting from the first attempts to describe the swing of pendulum by mathematical equations to current progress in describing chaos motions in the world by complex mathematics. 

The seminar also presented two types of mathematics, math of numbers and math of motion and how static systems like abstract buildings need algebra while moving a mass from its position needs calculus and beyond. The seminar introduced the works of Laplace, Evan, Nichols, Bode, Lyaponov and Kalman in the field.

"The attention has been drawn to the social sciences and social systems and how this engineering methodology is applied to study community behaviors if we are able to develop social sensors as means of data collection natural devices and transducers," he concluded.

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