Students Elect Their Representatives to Student Union

2 years ago

The 2018 Annual Student Union Elections has concluded with electing new representatives to the student body.

On Monday, students from all schools went to the student polls to vote for candidates to represent them in the new academic year.

The UKH Student Union is an independent, neutral organization that is free from any external influence. It promotes the social, entertainment, academic, and professional activities of the students.

Elections are held every year before the end of the academic year. All students are free to nominate themselves for the seven different positions at the SU, according to the eligibility rules outlined in the Student Union Constitution.

The newly elected SU body is comprised of: Vaniya Arsalan as the President, Rody Sher as the Education Officer, Hussein Talib as Entertainment Officer, Shnyar Bakhtiyar as Women Affairs Officer, Meer Jaff as Social Affairs Officer, Ahmed Basel as Sports Officer, Sermed Nizar as Public Relations Officer.

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