The Recent Trends in the Dosimetry of Cellular Frequency Fields Bioeffects

2 years ago

Prof. Salah I. Yahya presented the 21st session weekly seminar on 10th of May 2018. The seminar entitled: The Recent Trends in the Dosimetry of Cellular Frequency Fields Bioeffects. The Cellular frequency fields are spreading out and occupying our surrounding (atmosphere) due to the cellular devices and gadgets we are using daily and available everywhere, e.g. cellular devices, smartphones, tablets, internet access points, cellular base-stations, cellular jammers, etc. It is expected that by end of the year 2018, number of cellular devices (Mobile and smartphones) will reach 5 billion users. More than 60% of the worldwide internet users are using the wireless connections. We estimate more than 7 million physical base stations worldwide in 2017. Thus, the interaction between the cellular frequency fields and human body tissues became a public concern. 

By this seminar, Prof. Yahya highlighted the recent trends in the dosimetry of cellular frequency fields bioeffects, and the possible hazard. The recent publications in RF dosimetry that published by the scientist and Prof. Yahya, himself, where presented and discussed. Establishing a National Communication Commission in Kurdistan Region to set and adopt the standard RF exposure limits were recommended.

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