KRG PM Office Invites UKH Students For Workshop

2 years ago

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) of the Kurdistan Regional Government invited students from the University of Kurdistan Hewl?r (UKH) to discuss and exchange ideas on a number of issues pertaining to youth engagements and their involvements in government affairs.  

Fifteen students from the different departments were chosen as the first group of students in the Kurdistan Region to participate in the Youth Engagement Workshop organized by the OPM on May 6th.

?I personally found it a positive step towards the engagement among youth, society and government,? said Dilveen Mustafa, an UG4 student of Economics and Finance. ?It was definitely something new and an idea not tested before.?

The workshop was aimed at hearing the views and opinions of the students by the OPM staff, in addition to being given a tour inside the KRG?s Council of Ministers (CoM) building that included visits to the offices of the PM and deputy PM, the CoM meeting room and the press conference room.

Hima Karwan, an UG3 student from the Natural Resources Engineering and Management, who was part of the group, said: ?I was quite surprised that we as the youth were given that opportunity to see behind those walls and experience what happens inside those buildings. That opportunity is highly appreciated.?

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