Stability of Road Cuts in the Kurdistan Region

2 years ago

The Kurdistan Region is covered by relevant net of paved roads, although the majority are single lane roads. Since the majority parts of the Kurdistan Region are mountainous; therefore, the majority of the roads are planned and designed to climb mountains; usually in snake curve form. To construct roads in mountainous areas, road cuts should be performed; accordingly, the natural slopes will be destroyed. and if the slopes are not treated scientifically to prevent landslides.

Then the slopes along the road cuts will be considered as unstable slopes and will cause a lot of risk to the safety of the roads; accordingly, endangering the driving along those unstable parts, especially during winter season, and more especially during and/ or shortly after heavy rain showers.

Unfortunately, the majority of the roads are planned, designed and constructed without considering scientific parameters; apart from the gradient and the width of the curvatures.  Even the gradients in some parts along some roads are so high that normal cars cannot drive on or the curvatures are not wide enough that long trucks cannot drive on.  

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