American Corner Erbil (ACE) celebrated its 1st Anniversary

2 years ago

American Corner Erbil (ACE) celebrated its 1st Anniversary on 27th February 2018. Theme for this year?s celebration is ?Diversity?. In line with the theme, ACE organised 3-day art exhibition by a renowned Kurdish artist Ismail Khayat at University of Kurdistan Hewl?r. The event was officiated by UKH Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mohammed Mochtar and US Consul General in Erbil, Ken Gross. Around 40 distinguish guests joined us for the occasion including foreign consulates, media and the art community. The art exhibition garnered immense interest from the public and the art community.

At the official opening, Director of UKH Library and ACE, Lesley A T Gaj shared the success stories behind ACE having become the most active American Corner in Iraq. To continue this success, in 2018 ACE will be focusing on increasing outreach to the target community, increasing collaboration with other American Corners in Kurdistan as well as our new implementation partner and moving towards virtual programs to increase participation.  The programmes will be in line with the local priorities including entrepreneurship, capacity building, and youth empowerment.

American Corner Erbil is an example of successful partnership between UKH and external organization beyond education boundaries.

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