A UKH senior will represent Kurdistan Region in an International Event

4 years ago

UKH Vice Chancellor Dr.Mochtar received senior engineering student "Sarko Ahmed", who is recently accepted to represent Kurdistan Region in a conference organized by the European Union Center of Sustainability. The conference is going to be held at Pontifical Georgian University of Rome, Italy next September. Delegates from 50 different countries will participate in that event. Sarko will be presenting a research paper during the conference based on his dissertation about the impacts of the current instability in the Middle East on sustainability and environment. Sarko has already published another research paper in an engineering journal last month. The VC showed UKH appreciations and support to Sarko and stated that UKH will financially support this kinds of researches based conferences by students to encourage doing research among UKH students. Dr. Mochtar also, asked him to arrange some sessions for UKH juniors, so as to encourage them to use all the facilities which UKH provides toward making productive research.We are aware that most of the UG1 and UG2 students are also willing to participate in the project but, unfortunately they have to wait until the final year of their program!

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