Ceremony for Outstanding Contribution in Research

4 years ago

In recognition of UKH students' outstanding contribution towards research, UKH Vice Chancellor Dr. Mochtar rewarded them with honorary certificates.More than 100 final year students from all departments want to obtain UKH driving license and will participate in the project. 40 of the students eagerly performed the computerized test and are ready for the next step of the project. The project includes both theory and practical parts of an international driving license test. Students who successfully pass both the theory and the practical parts will acquire a UKH driving License which will be based on international standards. Apart from the advantages of the project for UKH and the region, it is good opportunity for the participants to improve their own driving skills which is important to save theirs and others lives. We are aware that most of the UG1 and UG2 students are also willing to participate in the project but, unfortunately they have to wait until the final year of their program!

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