UKH?s Vice Chancellor Meets with The Staff

3 years ago

Why Kurds in Iraq decided to have referendum, was the subject of the today?s meeting. Dr. Mohammed Mochtar shed light on the fact that Kurds can no longer rely on the Iraqi Government since the Kurds are thriving to have a democratic entity. The recent referendum which was held on September 25 of this year, was a prove that the persistence for independence is strong and the will of people will always win. Kurds in Iraq substantiated that they want to live with Iraq as neighbors not partners. Though the international community showed no support and many superpowers insisted that this referendum would have caused more chaos and instability in Iraq, the Kurds once again proved the world wrong.  

The process went on peacefully and not a single violent incident took place. Thanks to brave peshmergas and KRG?s robust security, the process was a historical success. Now, that the world sees the seriousness of the Iraqi Kurds in regards to independence, negotiations from many countries with KRG representatives are taking place and the international community is looking for strategies to manage it. Kurdish leadership is being resilience although, the Iraqi government is doing all in its power to impede the process. Above all the obstacles Kurds are extremely rigorous to continue with their cause. 

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