Referendum a pathway to Independence

3 years ago

With their recent decision to hold a referendum, simply providing a chance to the Kurdistani people to express their will on their future, the world powers including the neighbors have ganged upon as if the Wild West has been reactivated to stop them. No regard seems to have been given to the fact that the right to express ones will is the right of every human being, in-line with the United Nations Charter. It appears that if Kurdistan?s are allowed to express their will for freedom, the world will start spinning the wrong way around! Much of the reasons voiced in the media range between its negative impact on the fight against ISIS to the creation of yet a new wave of violence in the area.

If the world powers refuse to accept the right of Kurdistan?s to express their views and impose second class mode on them as they did around a hundred years ago, I suggest the following alternative for them to do. The population of kurdistanis within Iraq, is currently only around eight to nine million including those living in the Kurdistani areas outside the boundaries of Kurdistan Region as they have been named as ?Disputed Areas? by the Iraqi governments. Between the world powers, they could find places for them to be transferred just as Stalin, Ataturk, Saddam and their followers did, completely vacate Kurdistan from its native inhabitants and leave the Kurdistani land to Arabs, Turks and Persians to fight on bits of the vacated land and the kurdistanis will follow the fate the Red Indians of America and the Aborigines of Australia had in the past and the UN can keep singing the songs of human rights and principles of democracy!!!!

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Prof Jamal Ameen, BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCEd. Professor Emeritus, South Wales University, UK. Pro Vice Chancellor University of Kurdistan-Hawler. Exclusive article for

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