Special Session on Soft Computing Techniques organised by UKH

3 years ago

In an interdisciplinary and cooperative effort, a team of UKH Academics, led by Dr Oussama Hamid from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering got its research papers accepted for presentations in a Special Session on Soft Computing Techniques within the 9th International Conference on Computational Intelligence (IJCCI 2017). The Special Session (http://www.ijcci.org/SCT.aspx) was organised by Dr Oussama Hamid in coordination with Dr Amin Barzanji, Dean of the School of Science and Engineering at UKH, and the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC) in Portugal.

This achievement comes in compliance with UKH Vice Chancellor, Dr Mohammed Mochtar?s, commitment to support research activities.

The accepted papers are as follows:

1.       Oussama Hamid and Jochen Braun. ?Attractor Neural States: A Brain-Inspired Complementary Approach to Reinforcement Learning?.

2.       Hoba H. Bakr, Nawzad K. Al-Salihi and Oussama Hamid. ?A Neuro-Sugeno-Style HVAC Control System for Balancing Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption?.

3.       Norris Lee Smith and Oussama Hamid. "The Relative Importance of Perception, Embodiment, Metaphors, and Ethics for Cooperative Human-Machine Coexistence".

4.       Hossein Hassani and Oussama Hamid. "Using Artificial Neural Networks in Dialect Identification in Less-resourced Languages: The Case of Kurdish Dialects Identification".

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