Augmented Reality and its applications in Science

3 years ago

Lecturer Dr. Abdullah Hussein Awdal, at the Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, presented the UKH?s 26th Lunch seminar on Thursday 6th of July, 2017. His presentation focused on Augmented Reality and its applications in Science.

Augmented Reality (AR) can be defined as the integration of digital information into the real-world environment in real time. This integration is made possible by computer-generated sensory inputs such as GPS data, video, sound, and graphics. Handheld devices such as smartphones and the iPad contain software, sensors, a compass and small digital projectors which display images onto real world objects. In summary, technology appears to be in every aspect of people?s lives recently. Augmented Reality is at the forefront of the technology, and it brings new dimensions to learning. Therefore, it would be an interesting venue for future teaching methods.

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