UKH?s CSE Department involvement in IEEE-GCC Conference and Exhibition

3 years ago

Dr. Oussama Hamid from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering chaired a session on 'Wireless Communications' and presented one of his recent research works at the 9th IEEE-GCC Conference & Exhibition. The conference was held from 8-11 May, 2017 in Manama, Bahrain ( The title of the presented paper is 'Breaking through Opacity: A Context-Aware Data-Driven Conceptual Design for a Predicative Anti Money Laundering System'. The paper is part of the conference's proceedings and is to be indexed into the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Abstract of the presented paper:
We studied the problem of money laundering. Current anti money laundering artificial systems solve this problem by tracking transactions. However, several inherent aspects impede a full uncovering of the underlying process; most arguably the abstract nature of transactions and the 'legitimacy dilemma'. We circumvent these issues by proposing a context-aware and data-driven software/hardware system that tracks physical money rather than abstract transactions. The proposed system identifies banknotes by their unique serial numbers, allowing a meta data component that accumulates further contextual information to better detect unusual patterns of transactional behaviours. In addition, using 'social network analysis', the system can be used to predict future money laundering processes.

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