SPE-UKH Co-hosted the first Workshop in Iraq and Kurdistan Region

3 years ago

Under the patronage of our Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mochtar, the University of Kurdistan Hewl?r held a co-hosted workshop and exhibition with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE on 10th-11th of May. This workshop was the first for gathering Iraq & Kurdistan Region Sections and Chapters and attracted the petroleum engineering experts of different fields. The first day speakers where Dr. Amin Barzanji, Dean of the School of Science and Engineering at UKH, Dr. Atruschi Mohamed, advisor at the Ministry of Natural Resources for Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Ali Al-Mashat, the Chancellor of Basrah University of Oil and Gas, Dr. Kareem Alwan, the head of petroleum research and development center and Dr. Hiwa Sidiq, from Komar University of Science and Technology. The first day program allowed the audience opportunities to discuss relevant issues within the natural resource sector of Iraq and Kurdistan Region followed by a poster exhibition by UKH?s petroleum engineering students. These poster?s showcased their final year graduation projects for the experts, advisers, local community and oil companies present during the two-day event

As the first of its type in Kurdistan and Iraq, the workshop host the final year projects competition for petroleum engineering students from Kurdistan and Iraq universities. The participant universities were, University of Kurdistan Hewl?r, University of Baghdad, University of Technology, Al Farabi Univeristy, Kirkuk University, Misan University and Basrah Univesity of Oil and Gas. University of Kurdistan Hewl?r has proudly secured the first place in the competition. The evaluation committee were Dr. Ala Ghafur from UKH, Dr. Asawer Abdulrasul from (University of Technology), Dr. Shamel Ibrahim from (Al-Farabi University), Dr. Mohammed Idrees from (Basrah University of Oil and Gas), Dr. Abdullah Awdal from (University of Kurdistan Hewler), Mr. Ramyar Adnan from (University of Kurdistan Hewler) and Mr. Adnan Ajam from (University of Kirkuk).

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