The UKH Cinema presented 'I am Sami' Short Film

3 years ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewl?r Cinema, second film presentation, presented a short film by a profound filmmaker on May 4th, 2017.

"I am Sami" was Mr. Kae Bahar first professional short film that had been completed towards the end of May 2014. To this date, the film had about 150 screenings in various International Film Festivals winning 48 awards, including 26 times for Best Film and Audience Choice Awards and twice as Best Director. 

This short fifteen-minute film was set in Middle East showcasing two different cultures interacting in a conflict-zone. The story had a powerful message that transcended boarders - not limiting to one culture, region, or nation. At the end of the film, Mr. Kae had a discussion with the audience.

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