Migration and Displacement in Iraq Conference at UKH

4 years ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler joint-hosted a three day conference on ?Migration and Displacement in Iraq? from 19th through 21st of April 2017. This conference was a collaborative effort by UKH, IOM and Georgetown University with the additional support from the Center for Contemporary Studies and Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) at Georgetown University. 

The welcoming speeches began with Vice Chancellor Dr. Mochtar, then followed by KRG Minister of Interior Mr. Karim Sinjari and IOM Deputy Chief of Mission Ms. Rana Jaber. Dr. Mochtar had explained how they ?represent an exemplary symbol of cooperation between three key actors: academic institutions, international organizations and government policy-makers.? He continues to state that through collaboration ??this conference?s outcome will be a step-forward to resolving current challenges?.  During the cocktail function at the historic Citadel in Erbil, the Chief of Missions, Mr. Thomas Weiss, UKH CRIS director, Dr. Hemin Mirkhan, Minister of MoMD, Dr. Jasim Aljaf, Interior Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Mr. Karim Sinjari, American Embassy/BPRM DSRG, Ms. Lisa Grande had positive outlooks of what this conference will entail.  

The conference concluded with two workshops held on the 21st of April 2017. The first workshop was a collaboration by UKH & IOM on the use of UN and other forms of data for analysis. The second workshop was conducted by Georgetown University how to publish research. The goal of these workshops was to inform participants on ways to collect data and publish research.

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