Meet Dr. Robert Manning, UKH’s New Business Professor

April 2, 2023

The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) is glad to announce the appointment of Dr. Robert D. Manning, professor of finance and economics and the School of Management and Economics (SoME).

Dr. Robert owns a high profile, with an intensive international career at the world’s best ranking universities and institutions. He is a past senior research fellow of the Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance at the University of Houston Law School, a past Filene Research Fellow (2007-2010), Madison, Wisconsin, past Director of the Center for Consumer Financial Services (2006-09), Research Professor of Consumer Finance (2004-06), Caroline Werner Gannett Chair of the Humanities, Rochester Institute of Technology (2001-2003), Dean of College of Business at American University in the Emirates (2019-20), Dubai, UAE, and Dean of College of Business at A’SHARQIYAH University, Ibra, Oman (2022).

 Dr. Robert earned his doctoral degree from The Johns Hopkins University (QS #25) with a specialization in Comparative International Development, Global Labor Migration, and Quantitative Research Methodology.

Dr. Robert’s professional career includes his engagement in the US House and Senate Committees as well as state legislatures and federal regulatory agencies on consumer bankruptcy, regulation of consumer financial services, credit card industry policies, predatory lending, and securitization of consumer loans.

He also serves as an expert witness in federal and state class-action suits against the credit card and debt settlement industries over deceptive marketing, usurious interest rates, and abusive fees.

UKH-SoME is one of the most popular business, finance and economics schools in Kurdistan and Iraq. The school accommodates leading local and international faculty members. SoME offers various degrees in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in business management, accounting, finance and economics, supply chain management, human resources management and marketing.

Dr Robert stated that he is pleased to join the UKH faculty. ”I am eager to share my new research on Entrepreneurship (especially as it relates to female empowerment) as well as my Corporate Sustainability project that includes integration with Artificial Intelligence features.” he said.  

Dr. Robert Manning