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Augmented Reality and its applications in Science

Lecturer Dr. Abdullah Hussein Awdal, at the Department of NREM, presented the UKH’s 26th Lunch seminar on Thursday 6th of July, 2017

About 2 months ago

UKH Water Quality Centre

On the 4th of July 2017, the UKH Water Quality Centre was officially launched..

About 3 months ago

Towards best quality at UKH

The Vice Chancellor of UKH Dr. Mohammad Mochtar received the authenticated ISO 9001 certificate from the representative of SGS company, Erbil Office. 

About 3 months ago

MBA scholarships for future female leaders at Sussex University

Get ready to take on your next business challenge – the Sussex MBA draws on our cutting-edge research and is taught by leading academics and industry experts. 

About 3 months ago