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The role of innovation clusters in economic development

Dr.  Nabaz Taher Khayyat, an Assistant Professor of Economics, and Chair of the Department of EF presented the 12th lunch seminar on January 25th, 2018.

About 25 days ago

Consul General of Hungary Dr. Csaba Vezekenyi visits UKH

Consul General of Hungary, Dr. Csaba Vezelenyi visited University of Kurdistan Hewlêr on 22nd  January, 2018.

About 30 days ago

Project management training at UKH-Kurdistan Business School

A project management training was held at UKH-KBS on the 20th and 21st January for Caritas Czech organization and its collaborating partners.

About 1 month ago

Elemental concepts and definitions in earthquake engineering

The 11th weekly seminar was held on January 18th 2018, wherein general topics related to earthquake phenomenon were discussed. In the presentation

About 1 month ago