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Ministry of Higher Education Applauds UKH for International Accreditation

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research commended the recent University of Kurdistan Hewler achievement of international accreditation.

About 24 hours ago

UKH Scholars Granted £30,000 for Educational Research

Two scholars from the University of Kurdistan Hewler receive a grant of £30,000 for research on postgraduate teaching certificate.

About 2 days ago

Dr Zana Ibrahim Talks About Implications of English as Second or Foreign Language

The Head of the English Language Department, Dr Zana Ibrahim, highlighted the impact of English as a second or foreign language on language policy, teaching and learning.

About 5 days ago

Jano Rosebiani Talks About Screenplay Writing

The acclaimed Kurdish-American filmmaker Jano Rosebiani gave a presentation on good quality screenplays for movies and videos.

About 5 days ago

A Seminar on Hybridome Cell Line for Therapeutic Uce

A seminar by Dr Asokan Chinnasamy highlights the role of blood grouping Hybridoma cell line on increasing the secretion of monoclonal anitobodies (mAbs) for diagnostic/therapeutic purposes.

About 9 days ago

UKH Vice-Chancellor and AUIS President Agree on Increased Collaboration

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan Hewler Dr Mohammed Mochtar received the President of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani Professor Bruce Walker Ferguson on Monday.

About 15 days ago

UKH, Virginia Commonwealth University to Exchange Students, Academics

The University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH) and the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) will soon start to have regular students and academics exchange programmes.

About 27 days ago

New Dean of School of Medical Sciences Dr Bahram Resul

The University of Kurdistan Hewler is pleased to welcome Dr Bahram Resul to the UKH community as the Dean of School of Medical Sciences.

About 29 days ago

Expert Panel Discusses Plans to Regulate Migration in Kurdistan

An expert panel on Thursday discussed the issue of migration push factors, risks and

About 1 month ago

UKH, BTU Promote Academic Ties

The University of Kurdistan Hewler and the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) reach several

About 2 months ago

Chief of Staff to KRG PM Safeen Dizayee Visits UKH

He attended the World Scholar's Cup held at UKH

About 2 months ago

A New Book on Iraqi Kurdistan's Political Economy

The book is written primarily by UKH scholars...

About 2 months ago