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World Earth Day Celebrated at UKH

The University of Kurdistan Hewler celebrated the World Earth Day as part of its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability policy.

About 2 days ago

Vice-Chancellor Rounds Up Fruitful Visit to Italy

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan Hewler Dr Mohammed Mochtar returned from Italy with a list of accomplishments that will make huge contributions to the UKH, the public and the relations between Kurdistan Region and Italy.

About 11 days ago

A Seminar on Songs in Shakespeare’s Plays

Dr Joseph Greenwood from the English Language Department presented a seminar on songs in Shakespeare’s plays based on a recent paper of his. 

About 13 days ago

A Seminar on Nahrein Network Opportunities

UKH Centre on Culture, History and Humanities for Sustainable Development organized a seminar moderated by the Director of the Centre, Dr. Anwar Anaid, for Dr. Rozhen Kamal and Dr. Olga Babenko to present their Nahrein Network funded projects.

About 14 days ago

Visit by Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Mission in Iraq to American Corner Erbil at UKH Library

The United States chief diplomat in Iraq visited the American Corner at the University of Kurdistan Hewler’s Library.

About 14 days ago

Dr Atroushi Invited for Scholarly Gathering by Germany’s DAAD

The acting Dean of School of Science and Engineering Dr Soorkeu Atroushi was invited to Germany by the German educational organization DAAD for a two week gathering of scholars in late March.

About 15 days ago

A Paper at ECABAP Conference

A join written paper by the University of Kurdistan Hewler PhD student Muhsen Kamal Yasen and his supervisor Dr George O. Tasie was presented at an international conference in Erbil.

About 15 days ago

Dr Anaid Presented Seminar on Nahrein Network Funding Opportunities

Dr. Anwar Anaid, Dean of School of Social Sciences and Director of Centre for Culture, Heritage and Humanities participated in a workshop organized by the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage (IICAH). 

About 16 days ago

A Seminar on Tactile Internet by Dr Tara Yahiya

Dr Tara Yahiya from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering enlightened the academic community of the University of Kurdistan Hewler with her introduction of a new paradigm in the domain of telecommunication, Tactile Internet.

About 20 days ago

Professor Parosh Abdulah Explains Program Verification Programs

On Thursday, Professor Parosh Abdulah presented a seminar surrounding the complexity of software systems and the analysis of correctness of computer systems through program verification.

About 21 days ago

UKH, Environmental Board to Collaborate on Environmental Issues

The University of Kurdistan Hewler will be collaborating on environmental issues with the Kurdistan Environmental Protection and Improvement Board (KEPIB).

About 23 days ago

International Women’s Day Celebrated at UKH

The University of Kurdistan Hewler celebrated the International Women’s Day on Thursday through a series of activities.

About 2 months ago