Career Development Centre (CDC)

University of Kurdistan-Hewler Career and Professional Development Center “Your future starts from UKH”


In line with the UKH objectives of being a place of excellency in the region, this center was established to help UKH students and alumni to plan their career path and discover career opportunities during college and after graduation. The center offers career and professional development workshops, seminars, and programs to guide students to discover their career path that interests them.



Our mission is to build professional relationships and engage our students and alumni with the employers in the region. The UKH Career and Professional Development Center will assist to link students with employers through helping students to develop leadership and communication skills.



Our vision is to prepare our students and alumni for a lifetime of professional success.



  • Career advising.
  • Connecting UKH students to internship and employment opportunities.
  • Interview and networking strategies and techniques.
  • Résumé guidance and cover letters.
  • Internships and job postings.
  • Conducting workshops and seminars for students and professionals.
  • Helping students to build professional network.