Anwar Anaid

Dr. Anwar Anaid, Director

[email protected]

Dr. Anwar Anaid holds a PhD in Government and International Relations from the University of Sydney and BA (Hons) majoring in Politics & IR with a second major in Economics from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

In his capacity as CCHH Director, Dr. Anaid is responsible for the overall management of the Centre, expansion of the Centre, liaison with UK partners, and supervising postdoctoral research conducted in CCHH.


Amani Suleiman

Dr. Amani Suleiman, Postdoctoral Researcher

[email protected]

Dr. Amani Suleiman is a postdoctoral Research Associate at CCHH. She received her PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Jordan, Masters of Business Administration in Economics and BA in Business Administration from Mutah University in Jordan. She also holds a professional certificate in University Teaching and Learning (Teaching Methods). Prior to joining UKH, she served as a faculty member of Economics and Business Administration at the Lebanese French University-Erbil, and the University of Jordan-Amman. Dr. Amani has a number of published papers. Her research interests include but are not limited to the areas of sustainable development, micro, macro, labor, financial and international economics. As a researcher at CCHH, Dr. Amani is conducting a research on promoting sustainable development in Kurdistan Region focusing on tourism sector.


Rahma Ismail

Rahma Ismail, Centre Administrator

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Rahma Ismail holds a MA in Political Science from University of Windsor in Canada and BA in Politics and International Relations from UKH. She is responsible for running CCHH’s office providing administrative support to the Director and coordinating with the wider Network.