SSE Research Center

It is a hub for coordinating all activities related to research in the School of Science and Engineering SSE.

The center functions to facilitate the process of research from the initiation of the concept, through to the development of the proposal and on to check on the availability of grants or incentives all the way to support and advise during the actual work until it is ready for publishing.
It encourages team work within a department and hopes to establish collaborations across the different programs to create a multidisciplinary approach to research with emphasis on attention to detail and discovery.
The SSE Research Center, through proactive and oriented guidance, hopes to achieve the following:

- Encourage research as a necessary process required from any Higher Educational Establishment
- Assist in improving research orientation whenever possible
- Provide a continual means for revitalizing programs and courses to remain outcome based
- Contribute to the global academic community with relevant publications
- Contact the community, industry and other Higher Education Establishments to initiate
change and learn from the process - Develop a sense for the upcoming research challenges to adjust and provide motivation