Politics and International Relations Department Research Centre

University of Kurdistan Hewlêr's Politics and International Relations Department Research Centre aims to build research strength in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, to secure research funding to benefit the region and to raise UKH's profile within the international academic research community.

To implement this goal it is vital to identify research topics that are of the utmost relevance and importance to the development of research in the Social Sciences at UKH.  To achieve this, University of Kurdistan Hewlêr's Politics and International Relations Department Research Centre  will focus on a number of key complementary activities:

  • International Researchers: promoting academic cooperation and partnerships with researchers of international renown: inviting them to conferences, ensure their contributions to UKH Journal of Social Sciences, involve them in joint international academic projects.
  • Institutional Partnerships: International collaboration has become an indispensable prerequisite to higher education. PIR's Research Centre expands inter-institutional linkages by targeting academic organizations and think tanks in countries across the globe. Its long-term objective is the development of strategic international partnerships that will serve UKH's vision of excellence in research on politics, economics, international relations, political economy, and related subjects, as they concern the KRI and the wider MENA global region. This includes joint edited volumes, books, and academic articles.
  • Publications: PIRRC seeks to reach out to the wider public and to its partners by contributing significantly to UKH's academic journal UKHJSS, and issuing regularly in various hard copy and online formats. PIR Faculty is publishing regularly in various peer reviewed academic journals, including Q1 journals and open access journals such as UKHJSS. There are currently five book projects that involve or are led by, PIR affiliated researchers, all of them with rigorous university presses and other academic presses of global standing. 
  • Conferences and presentations: PIRRC affiliated conferences aim to promote collaboration between researchers at UKH and their peers and colleagues both at home and abroad, by exposing researchers and students to new research directions, important academic findings, and innovative education methodologies. PIRRC's mandate covers activities such as contributing to meetings of relevant experts to discuss matters of political, social and economic significance for the KRI. It also provides excellent opportunities for faculty and students to expand and diversify their research areas and individual projects.
  • Collaborations and partnerships: PIRRC is involved in high visibility international projects together with UK institutions of higher learning such as Leicester University, in fields of Kurdish Studies and History. Other international collaborations include research topics such as the Archeology of the region; the latest project proposals concern cooperation with University College London, where together with organizations such as UNESCO Iraq, the UNESCO initiative “Revive the Spirit of Mosul” is being targeted.
  • Faculty/student cooperation in research: PIRRC encourages students to conduct joint research with faculty. Significant such research has already appeared in UKHJSS, our specialist peer reviewed journal. Other such cooperation is planned by multiple researchers within the Centre. Such cooperation will be significant in helping the next generation of top notch researchers to appear in KRI.