Holistic Art and Student Support

The Centre has been designed to have an open door policy, this means that clients/students/staff can come in anytime to work with the artist in residence.

The Centre also offers an assistant who will be available to support the client daily. The Centre has full availability of materials that are available for the student/client and the teacher will provide all techniques and assist in the process of technical drawings, landscape, portraits, painting techniques, using clay, abstract and all other forms of creativity. The main purpose for the Centre is for the students /clients/staff to explore their emotions within a therapeutic approach to healing, in a safe non-judgmental space and to be free in expression with the support of the artist in residence. The Centre provides structured classes but not predefined as this can change and be altered for the individual needs, the therapeutic approach is for healing, developing friendships and the workshops include wellbeing and confidence building, positive relationships, identity, discovery of the inner self and reaching a state of balance by understanding who you are.