Kurdistan Business School

Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting and Finance is created to disseminate knowledge in the fields of Accounting and Finance as well as Economics. The modern curriculum of the Department is designed in a way that covers a wide range of important topics and issues in the fields of Accounting and Finance and Economics, at both a theoretical and a practical level. The programme structure gives the opportunity to students and staff members to have an experience of quality and of mutually supportive cooperation. It also gives students opportunities to develop new learning methods, innovation, self-creation, contributing in Kurdistan Region and contemporary society and civilization in general.

Specifically, the graduate of the Department of Accounting and Finance should be able to maintain the accounting books of all categories in accordance with the tax legislation, the Generally Accepted Accounting System (GAAS) and the Departmental Accounting System; compile and analyse financial statements; prepare budgets of companies and organisations and be able to analyse them based on the standard cost;  apply principles of costing methods; prepare financial studies, business plans, and financial reporting; advise on economic issues, and to participate in economic research;  apply procedures of internal and external audit.


Apart from the taught design, a work placement/attachment is incorporated into the programme at Year 3 to enable students to acquire the necessary industrial experience, skills and training expected of modern Accountants. These experiences will help students to prepare financial statements, analyse and interpret such statements for Business and Economic decisions.