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Ari Mamshae Speaks on Kurdish-Gulf Relations at Cambridge

He presented a paper on the Gulf countries relations with the Kurds in both Iraq and Syria at the Gulf Research Council Meeting held at the University of Cambridge during July 15 to 18, 2019.

About 8 months ago

Dr Hamed Presents Paper on Haibat Sultan Tunnels

Dr Hamed Muhammed al-Issawi from the Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Management presented a paper in the 14th International Conference on Underground Construction Prague in June 2019.

About 9 months ago

World Earth Day Celebrated at UKH

The University of Kurdistan Hewler celebrated the World Earth Day as part of its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability policy.

About 11 months ago

A Paper at ECABAP Conference

A join written paper by the University of Kurdistan Hewler PhD student Muhsen Kamal Yasen and his supervisor Dr George O. Tasie was presented at an international conference in Erbil.

About 12 months ago