Former Director of IT Administration (From April 2013 to Sep 2016)
Software Development Officer in IT Administration Department (FROM Jun 2011 to April 2013).
1. Director of IT Admin. at UKH (Apr 2013- Sep 2016)
2. Software Developer at UKH (Jun 2011 – Apr 2013)
3. Technical Developer at Kingston College, London ( Sep 2008 – Jun 2009)
4. Office & System Administrator at Hamandi Invest. LTD, London (2001–2011).
Document organization system (Hamandi Investments LTD, 2007)
Data Migration between two different database servers using semi-compiled byte codes to enhance performance (Kingston College, 2008)
Application to monitor Staff visa and driver license expiry date to ensure compliance with traffic rules (Hamandi Investments LTD, 2008)
Application to maintain a map of drivers and used vehicles to insure that traffic fines can be mapped to the traffic offender (Hamandi Investments LTD, 2009)
Ticketing System for IT related issue logs and staff job allocation (UKH, 2011)
Dynamic Time Table showing groups and active sessions (UKH, 2013)

Hasan, A., Rashid, T., Ismael, B., & AL-Salihi, N. (2019, May 22). Transmission Control Protocol Performance Monitoring for Simulated Wired University Computer Network using OPNET. UKH Journal of Science and Engineering, 3(1), 18-28.  

Q. M. Qadir, T. A. Rashid, N. K. Al-Salihi, B. Ismael, A. A. Kist, Z. Zhang, "Low Power Wide Area Networks: A Survey of Enabling Technologies, Applications and Interoperability Needs", IEEE Access, 2018. From

Saeed, A., Rashid, T. A., Mustafa, A., Fattah, P., & Ismael, B. (2018, June 30). Improving Kurdish Web Mining through Tree Data Structure and Porter’s Stemmer Algorithms. UKH Journal of Science and Engineering, 2(1). Retrieved from

Cisco CCNA Intro (Sep 2007)
Project Management Principles (PMP 2013)
Essential Management Skills (Nov 2013)
Practical Projects (Jan 2014)
Software Development, Web Technologies  and Networking

Distributed Objects, MSc Students.

Systems Analysis and Design CS UG2

Principles of Database Systems SE/CE/CS UG2

Object Oriented Programming with Java SE/CE/CS UG2 

Advanced Database Technologies CS UG3

Software Engineering & Development CE UG3

Web Technologies CS UG3 

Distributed Systems CS UG4

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