• Technical Program committee in IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSASE) Duhok – Kurdistan Region – Iraq (17th – 19th) March 2020.
  • Technical Program committee in IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Seoul 2020.
  • Technical Program committee in the 6th International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems, Prague 2020.
  • Technical Program committee in the International Symposium on Intercloud and IoT (ICI) , Istanbul August 2019.
  • Technical Program committee in the 6th International Conference on Internet of Vehicles, Taiwan 2019.
  • Technical Program committee in 11th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems, Dublin 2019.
  • Keynote speaker and session chair in 5G and Smart Computing Days 2019, title of the talk "Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing". Tunis, 2019.
  • Technical Program committee in IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) Marrakech, Morocco 2019.
  • Lead Editor of the special issue “End-to-End Automation of 5G Networks” 2019 in the journal of Mobile Information System indexed in Scopus, DOAJ and Science Citation Index Expanded with an impact factor of 1.6.  https://www.hindawi.com/journals/misy/si/289696/
  • Technical Program committee in the 10th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems, 2018.
  • Panelist at IEC2017 3rd International Engineering Conference on Developments in Civil & Computer Engineering Applications, “Network Slicing and IoT”, February 2018.
  • Workshop organizer of Cloud Computing: Recent Trends and Future Challenges, University of Kurdistan, April 2017.
  • Keynote speaker IEC2017 3rd International Engineering Conference on Developments in Civil & Computer Engineering Applications, “Fog Networking: A key Enabling for 5G and IoT” 2017.
  • Panelist in Big Data and IoT in IEC2017 3rd International Engineering Conference on Developments in Civil & Computer Engineering Applications, 2017..
  • TPC (Technical Program Committee) member of IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2012, 2014 and 2015).
  • TPC in the 1st International Workshop on the Emerging Future Internet and Network Security (EFINS 2014), Beijing, China on 24-26 September, 2014 in conjunction with the 13th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (IEEE TrustCom-2014).
  • Coordinator of Urabn Life and Mobility summer school for Citizen Safety activity, Sophia-Antipolic, 29 June-12 July 2014.
  • TPC member in IEEE International Conference on Connected Vehicles & Expo (ICCVE 2013 and 2014).
  • Scientific committe member, 3rd World Kurdish Congress, October 2013, http://kurdishcongress.org/more.php?do=sci_c.
  • TPC (Technical Program Committee) , 27ème Congrès DNAC Réseaux Virtuels et Cloud Open Flow, SDN, Virtualisation, Securité, Energie, Paris, 2013 and 2014.
  • Organizer of  the summer school: Citizen Safety in the City, Trento 4-6 September 2013.
  • Publication chair, MED-HOC-NET 2013 : Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop 2013.
  • TPC (Technical Program Committe) member of the  26ème édition du congrès DNAC, De Nouvelles Architectures pour les Communications, 05-07 décembre 2012, Paris.  
  • TPC (Technical Program Committee) member of the 8th IEEE Broadband Wireless Access Workshop, co-located with IEEE GLOBECOM 2012 and 2013.
  • TPC (Technical Program Committee) member of International Conference on Advanced Infocom Technology 2012. http://www.icait2012.org/committees.php
  •  TPC (Technical Program Committee) member of IEEE International Conference on Wireless and optical  communications networks, WOCN 2011. http://wocn2011.org/committee.html
  • TPC (Technical Program Committee) of the Fifth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies (UBICOMM 2011 and 2012).  http://www.iaria.org/conferences2011/UBICOMM11.html.
  • TPC (Technical Program Committee) of 2nd International Workshop on Recent Advances in Broadband Access networks, 2010, 2011 and 2012.http://www.cs.tut.fi/RABAN/
  • Co-chair of the first Workshop on Broadband Wireless Network Communications Performance BWNCP 2009 in conjunction with the 28th IEEE International Performance Computing and  Communications Conference IPCCC, December 2009. http://ipccc.org/ipccc2009/main.php?page=6#workshop1

15 Feb. 2015-

Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Engineering

University of Kurdistan-Hewler

Oct. 2009-2015


Associate Professor 

Networking and Stochastic and Combinatorial Optimization Group

LRI- Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique

University Paris Sud 11, France

 Jan- Sept 2009  

Post-doctoral fellow

Telecom Sud Paris School of Engineering, Evry, France

Jan-Sept 2007

Lecturer-ATER (attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche)

Department of Networking and Telecommunications, University Creteil-PARIS 12


Lab Assistant

Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Education

University of Salahadin, Erbil, Iraq



 Supervision of  PhD students

  • Reben Kurda, 2011-2015, Cooperative strategies for interference mitigation in LTE networks, thesis defense: 18/3/2015, co-supervision with Associate Professor- HDR Lila Boukhatem, University Paris SUD.
  • Meriem Abid, 2009-2011, Autonomic piloting for mobility in heterogeneous wireless networks, thesis defense: 23/9/2011, co-supervision with Professor Guy Pujolle, University Pierre & Marie Curie.

     Supervision of MSc students

  • Mohamad Abdulrahman M. Salih, MPLS networks towards next-generation network (SD-WAN): Techniques and Challenges. Expected date of defense September 2020.
  • Bakhtiar Mohamad hamad Amin, Performance Study of HoIP protocol for Tactile Internet over 5G networks. Co-supervision with Dr. Wrya Monnet. Expected date of defense September 2020.
  • Zhwan Hani Mahdi, TScheduling Algorithm Comparison in HetNet based LTE-A for Stationary and Mobility Context, expected date of defense September 2019.
  • Slvar Abdulazeez Arif, A study of QoS in an Integrated Architecture of WLAN and Hetnet Based LTE-A, expected date of defense September 2019.
  • Aws Ahmed Jaff, A Comparative Study of Three SDN Controllers, A Case Study: Network Enterprise. Defended on June 2019.
  • Sahand Khoshafy, An implementation of load balancer tools in a private cloud, main supervisor, UKH, defended in 27th of September 2018.
  • Mohammad Sardar, Performance Analysis of Native IPv4/IPv6 Networks Compared to 6to4 Tunnelling Machanism, UKH, defended October 2018.
  • Azheen Ghafour, Interference Management in 4G networks, main supervisor, UKH, defended in September 2017.
  • Rawezh Ziad, SDN based cloud computing for studying routing protocol performance, main supervisor, UKH, defended in June 2017.
  • Ravyar Jasim, Load Balancing in Multi-Cellular 4G using Cloud computing, main supervisor, UKH, defended in September 2017.
  • Hemin Akram Muhammad, Performance analysis of power aware routing protocols in MANET, main supervisor, UKH, 2014-2016, defended 1st of June 2016.
  • Idris Qadir Karim, A study of resource allocation schemes for mobile health using 3G networks, main supervisor, UKH, 2014-2016, defended 3rd of November 2016.
  • Hangaw Qadir Omer Smart Patient management, monitoring and tracking system using RFID, co-supervision with Dr. Wrya Monnet, UKH,  2014-2016, defended 27th of June.
  • Hazha Saeed Yahia, Performance analysis of real-time wireless body sensor networks using 802.15.4 and ZigBee standards under maximum payload conditions, co-supervision with Dr. Wrya Monnet, 2014-2016, UKH, defended in 3rd of July.
  • Hoba Hameed Baker, Smart control system for a green home smart thermostat, co-supervised with Dr. Nawzad Al-Salihi, UKH,  defend 6th of October 2016.
  • Bo Wang, 2013, Energy consumption in LTE Uplink Networks, co-supervision with Steven Martin, University Paris SUD 11, defended September 2013.
  • Benoit Martin, 2007, Cross-layer for Mobility Management, co-supervision with Professor Guy Pujolle, University Pierre & Marie Curie, defended 2007.


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Book Chapters


1. Giovanni Giambene, Tara Ali-Yahiya,Van Anh Le, Krzysztof Grochla, Resource Management and Cell Planning in LTE Systems in Wireless Networking for Moving Objects: Models, Approaches, Techniques, Protocols, Architectures, Tools, Applications and Service, Springer LNCS, 2014.

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  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Next Generation Wireless Networks
  • Quality of Service
  • Mobility and Interference Management
  • Tactile Internet

  • Operating Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile and Wireless Communications
  • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Advanced Networking and Distributed Systems
  • Networked Systems

1. Short-Term Scientific Missions Grant accorded by COST- WiNeMO (Wireless Networking for Moving Objects) for a scientific visit during 3 weeks in 2012 in the University of Siena in Italy.

2. Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant, Telecom Sud Paris, Januray - October 2009.

3.  Master and PhD Grants, Centre national des œuvres universitaires et scolaires (CROUS), September 2003 - December 2008.

4.  Industrial and Academic Project Grant for excellence in research, University of Pierre & Marie Curie, March 2007- November 2008.

5.  French langage Training Grant, Centre national des œuvres universitaires et scolaires (CROUS), March - September 2003.

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  • Participation in Scientific Research Projects Coordination Union of Istanbul University, International Research Projects (IRP), Project Title: Resource Allocation Algorithm for Next Generation Networks, Project Number: 40470. Duration: March 17, 2014-2016.
  • Citizen Safety activity leader,in Urban Life Mobility action line, EIT Ict labs, 2014.
  • Participation in a bilateral project between France and Japan, co-funded by JSPS and MAEE (PHC Sakura program, ECO-HETNET : "Cross-Layer Protocol Design For Eco-Friendly Heterogeneous Wireless networks" 2012-2014.
  • Participation in Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications (NEWCON) project, 2012-2015.
  • Scientific leader of Safety in the City Activity in the Digital Cities of the Future Action Line, EIT ICT lab 2013.
  • French Management Committee subtitute in Information and Communication Technologies COST Action IC0906-- Wireless Networking for Moving Objects (WiNeMO), 2010-2014.
  • Participation in Spectrum Opportunistic Access in a Public Safety network (SOAPS) Project, 2011-2015.
  • Participation in Personal safety in the city activity, Digital cities of the future, ICT Lab 2011.
  • Participation in Situated Ubiquitous Network (SUN) project, 2007-2010.
  • Participation in Service Ubiquity in Mobile and Wireless Realm (SUMO) project, 2006-2009.
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