Responsibilities & Duties 

Before joining UKH, Dr. Salih's latest employments in the United Kingdom were:

1.  Cyber Security Consultant at ULTIMATECYBER LTD.     2017 – 2018

Teaching and Mentoring Duties

• Course and contents design, management and delivery on Cyber Security and IT Management.

• Tutoring, mentoring and management of learners, class capacity was between 20 - 50 students in different consecutive occasions.

Teaching modules;

  •  Introduction to Ethical Hacking (Pen-testing),
  •  Information Security Management.
  •  Network Security Protocols and testing TCP/IPv6.

• Managed and assisted of the cyber security at the center's annual meeting and other public events.

• Research and examination on security tools and application designs IDS/IPS systems, source code and deployments as required, covering all types of applications (web application, web services, mobile applications.

• Resource management including teams of security consultants and funds, ensuring projects completion on time and within the budgetary limits.

2. IT Security Manager at PLANET SOLUTIONS LTD.   2009 – 2017

Academic duties / Training Courses

• Developed and delivered resources and teaching materials to meet IT Security course frameworks and learning outcomes.

• Developed assessments to measure accurately students’ performance and understanding, whilst following regulations and verification procedures.

• Assisted in the development and delivery of cyber computing teaching materials for outreach delivery using tools; Open SSH, Nmap, Encase and other open source tools to exercise penetration testing ad understand the legal investigation process.

• Set, mark and assessed students’ work, ensuring that learning outcomes have been met and that  feedback is both detailed and constructive.

• Actively contributed to enhancing the student experience through practical surveys and subjective feedback.

• Participated in the development of internal and external partnerships in order to disseminate information, share best practice, establish opportunities for collaborative work and enhance the reputation of the IT Security center.

• Introduced new starters to the department by providing support and training on the skills, processes, systems and activities that are specific to IT and Cyber Security.

Work Experience

Dr. Salih has more than 18 years experience in academic and professional fields before and during his study in IT Security, Software Engineering, DB Management and Ethical Hacking working with Siemens, Planetsolutions and Ultimate Cyber in London, Sweden and Germany. He was a lecturer for KNCIS in London since 2012. 

Prior to join the UKH, he had the following field experiences:

1. Software Engineering Models; SmartErp Applications

2. Database Design; M Access, My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle Fusion M98

3. Internet Security Application; NGFW, AV

4. IT Security Management; CISSP Modules

5. Project Management; PRINCE2 Agile.

6. Programming Languages; C++, C, Java and Python (Scapy).

7. Ubuntu, Linux (Kali,Tiny Core), Wireshark (Ethereal), Metasploit project; Back Track, Ophcrack and nmap. 

8. Network Simulation Tools; GNS3, Cisco Packet Tracer, 

9. Computer Forensics; Encase, FTK, FBI Tool kit.

Research Publications


PhD Thesis

SALIH, A., 2017. An adaptive approach to detecting behavioural covert channels in IPv6. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

Chapter in book

1. Salih, Abdulrahman, Xiaoqi Ma, and Evtim Peytchev. "Implementation of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Technique to Detect Covert Channels Attack in New Generation Internet Protocol IPv6". Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Driving Forces of the Global Economy. Springer International Publishing, 2017. 173-190.

Journal Publications

1. Salih. A, Xiaoqi M, and Evtim P. "Implementation of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Technique to Detect Covert Channels Attack in New Generation Internet Protocol IPv6", Springer Proceeding in Business and Economics, International Conference for Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Driving Forces of the Global Economy (ICLIE), 20-22 April 2016, Dubai UAE,

2. A. Salih, Ali Jwaid, Adam Zubair, “Implementation of Correlation Analysis Approach to Identify Traffic Signature Vulnerability within DoS Attack in IPv6” Special Issue/Section: Special Issue on Recent Advances in Engineering Systems 2017, Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal 2017. ID 17M-06-298.

3. A. Salih. Xiaoqi Ma, Evtim Peytchev. “Intelligent Heuristic Algorithm to Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities in IPv6. International Journal of Information Security NNGT, Journal ISSN Print: 2382- 2619, Volume 4, 2015: 

Conference Publications

1. Salih. A, Xiaoqi M, and Evtim P. “Detection and Classification of Covert Channel in IPv6 Using Enhanced Machine Learning Algorithm”. International Conference on Computer Technology and Information Systems. Dubai –UAE 13-15 August 2015, Full proceedings 'ISBN: 978-9938-9563-6-8 ICCTIS’2015 at

2. Salih. A, Jwaid Ali, Adam Zubair, Future Technologies Conference 2016, San Francisco, USA, “Analysing Denial of Service Attack Traffic Signature in IPv6 Local Network Using Correlation” 6-7 December 2016, IEEE.

3. A. Zubair, A. Jwaid and A. Salih, "Analysing denial of service attack traffic signature in IPv6 local network using correlation inspection," 2016 Future Technologies Conference (FTC), San Francisco, CA, 2016, pp. 1008-1013.doi: 10.1109/FTC.2016.7821726, URL:

4. Salih. Abdulrahman, Technical Report on IPv6 Architecture 2012 at A detailed technical report on TCP/IPv6 security vulnerabilities and mitigation processes presented in the first 6 month of PhD study.


1. Nottingham Trent University, Science and Technology Annual Research Conference STAR’2014 at “Detection of Covert Channel in IPv6 Using Naïve Bayesian Algorithm” Nottingham, United Kingdom, May 6 -8, 2014

Research Interests 

He is interested in the following Research areas; 

1. Network Security TCP/IPv6


2. Cyber Security Systems; Counter Terrorism, Data Security.

3. Machine Learning; Data Mining Algorithms, Big Data.

4. IoT Security

5. System Software Development

6. Privacy and Policy Standards 

Courses taught

Dr. Salih is now a Senior IT Expert and a Cyber Security Consultant for the UKH at the Vice Chancellor Office. He is an academic member of SSE at UKH also. He was awarded scientific title as a lecturer from Center for Professional Learning and Development at NTU, UK in 2015 during his PhD project.  

 Previously, Dr. Salih has taught the following modules:

1. Network Security (Computer Security & Internet Security)

2. Cyber Security and Introduction to Ethical Hacking

3. Compiler Design

4. Software Implementation I & II (C++ & Java)

5. Advanced Programming (Python; Scapy)

6. Web Design (HTML5 & PhP)

7. Biometric Security Systems

8. System Analysis & Design

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