Lecturer in Political Theory, Research Methodology, and International Relations, University of Kurdistan Hewlêr.

Visiting Lecturer, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Florence.

Teacher / Facilitator, Sharing Perspectives Foundation, Amsterdam.    

Graduate Teaching Assistant in Philosophy, University of Essex.    

November 2017 – Present: Lecturer in Political Theory, Research Methodology, and International Relations, University of Kurdistan Hewlêr.


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Cesaroni and S. Chignola (eds.), La forza del vero; Un seminario sui Corsi di Michel Foucault al Collège de France (1981–84), in Foucault Studies, No. 20, 2015, pp. 324–28 (double-blind, peer reviewed).

Foucault, Sull’origine dell'ermeneutica del sé, in Dianoia. Rivista di Storia della filosofia, 18, 2013, pp. 366–71 (single-blind, peer reviewed).

Lecturer in Political Theory, Research Methodology, and International Relations, University of Kurdistan Hewlêr.

January 2016: U.N. accredited Certificate of Completion of Soliya’s Facilitation Training Programme (in collaboration with The Sharing Perspectives Foundation).

July 2015 – Present: Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (Recognition Reference: PR088933).

BSc (Hons) Thesis in Politics and International Relations (4 completed and 1 on-going).

MA Thesis in International Relations (3 completed and 5 on-going).

Areas of Specialization: 

Critical Social Theory (esp. Adorno, Honneth)

French Contemporary Philosophy (esp. Deleuze, Foucault)

Post-Marxism (esp. Badiou, Laclau, Mouffe)

Contemporary Political Theory (esp. Commons, Democracy, Neoliberalism, Populism, Power, Resistance)


Areas of Competence:

German Continental Philosophy 

Ethics and Moral Philosophy 

History of Political Thought 

Political Sociology 

Spring Semester 2020

"Introduction to Modern Political Thought" (UG1)

"Politics and Administration" (UG2)

"Global Governance" (PG1)

Fall Semester 2019

"Introduction to Modern Political Theory" (UG2)

"Politics of Developing States" (UG3)

"Key Figures in Middle Eastern Political Thought" (UG4, co-taught with Dr. A. C. H. Marques). 

Spring Semester 2019

"Key Figures in Western Political Thought" (UG4)

"Politics and Administration" (UG2)

Fall Semester 2018

“Introduction to Modern Political Theory” (UG2)

 “Politics of Developing States” (UG3)

Spring Semester 2018: 

“Introduction to the History of Political Thought” (UG1)

“Politics and Administration” (UG2)

“Classics of International Relations Theory” (PG1, co-taught with Dr. V. N. Pay, Dr. Andrés De Castro García, Dr. Adam Mayer).

“Global Governance” (PG1, co-taught with Dr. V. N. Pay).

Fall Semester 2017: 

“Fundamentals of Political Science” (UG1, co-taught with Prof. A. Danilovich).



November 2016: 

4 seminars on Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality, Volume 1: An Introduction (The Will to Knowledge) for B037: “History of Political Doctrines”, University of Florence.


October 2015 – December 2015: 

two webinars of the Virtual Exchange, Cross-Cultural Education Programme in European Studies “Europe on the Edge: Redefine Politics for the 21st Century!”, The Sharing Perspectives Foundation, Amsterdam.


October 2013 – April 2014: 

one weekly class for PY113: “Death, God and the Meaning of Life”, University of Essex.

October 2012 – October 2017: Post Lauream Education Funding, Opera Nazionale per l’Assistenza agli Orfani dei Sanitari Italiani.


June 2014 – September 2014: Visiting Research Grant, Paris and Institut Mémoires de l’Édition Contemporaine (funded by the School of Philosophy and Art History, University of Essex).

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